We like to think one of the best things about working at Create Business Properties (apart from the fantastic setting of course) is the sense of community among our diverse range of tenant businesses. That’s why we are absolutely delighted to hear about two of our tenants getting together to collaborate on some new products that showcase both of their businesses.

It all started at one of our Create Business networking meetings, regular get-togethers that we arrange for the tenants to meet one another and learn a bit more about the other businesses that they share the building with. On this occasion, we held it in Quirky Chocolate’s unit – our very own chocolate factory! 

Sandra from Quirky Chocolate gave a talk about what they do and their company ethos and Chris, a tenant who runs artisan tea and coffee business, Red Box Coffee saw an instant synergy between the two brands. After catching up and chatting at the next networking meet-up, the pair hit upon an idea for a collaboration – naturally – chocolate and coffee, the perfect pair!

The result is an exclusive set of coffee-flavoured chocolate bars that are handmade by Quirly Chocolate using the finest coffee supplied by Red Box Coffee. Depending on your taste in coffee, there are three strengths you can savour:

Caramel Latte Chocolate – Caramelised Gold Chocolate with Platinum Fairtrade Coffee from Red Box

Flat White – made using Red Box Coffe’s ‘Sweet Espresso’ blend in milk chocolate with white chocolate swirl

Espresso – with dark chocolate infused with Red Box’s ‘Classico’ blend

The chocolate has now been perfected, the packaging designed and these delightful new treats will soon be available to buy in single bars or as a giftset trio – watch this space!


We’re so excited to see our tenants collaborating and exploring the possibilities of pooling the amazing talents under one roof here at Create Business Properties and we’re sure future partnerships will emerge. But for now, we just want to try the Red Box Coffee/Quirky Chocolate bars!