Continuing our series of profiles of the unique spectrum of businesses that Create Business Properties is home to, we are featuring a successful, family-run business that’s been helping rid homes and businesses of unwanted visitors for many years!

Barricade Pest Control was founded in 2017 by Rebekah Carral and her partner Sean Quinn. Initially, they decided to set up Edinburgh’s first company that solely focused on rodent proofing. Still, their success in this area quickly led them into the world of pest control and they expanded their services up to cover all aspects of pest control. 

Their customers call them in when they’re bothered by rodents, wasps, ants or moths in their home or workplace and Barricade has gained a reputation for quickly and efficiently getting rid of the issue. A quick look at their numerous, glowing online reviews lets you know that this is the team to trust with your pest problem!

When they first launched Barricade, Rebekah and Sean were employed full-time by other companies but had lost the passion they had in their roles and decided to try something new! And while neither had previous experience in the pest control industry, Rebekah’s Mum and Dad ran a successful pest control company in Edinburgh so they were aware of the demand for this kind of service. 

Barricade Pest Control offer a range of pest control services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and Glasgow. They’re experts at rodent and bird-proofing properties and also deal with getting rid of rodents, mice, rats, squirrels and insects including bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, beetles, ants, moths and more. It’s not a day at the office any of us would fancy, but the team fulfils a vital service in getting rid of undesirable invasions in our homes!

Rebekah says: 

“Although our main goal is to eradicate pests or keep premises free from pest ingress, we pride ourselves in delivering great customer service to ensure our clients are kept at ease throughout the process. Pest issues can be quite scary for most of our clients so it is vital that they are comfortable with the technician in their home and trust them to be able to tackle the issue at hand.” 

And it doesn’t stop there, Rebekah and Sean have big ambitions for Barricade, she says:

“We hope to continue to grow and expand throughout Scotland, and maybe even the UK! I am also a member of the British Pest Control Association’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, an area I’m very passionate about! And since the pest control industry is very heavily dominated by men I am committed to turning Barricade into a very diverse company and keen to show that a career in pest control is accessible to all!”

“We are proud to be the company with the most 5-star reviews in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas! Some of the reviews we have are fantastic and really show the care and empathy we put into our work. We are also regularly contacted by media outlets and I’ve had to opportunity to be on the news and in papers too! We were delighted to have this article written about us too!” 

If you’re looking to rid your property of unwanted visitors, you can contact Barricade here, but remember they are very busy at this time of year and Rebekah tells us their diaries can be filled 2-3 weeks in advance! Each technician can attend up to 12 domestic and commercial properties daily, providing a range of services. It seems as though there are plenty of pest issues in Edinburgh! 

We love having the Barricade Team as part of the Create Business community and we asked Rebekah what she liked about being here:

“We really like the location of our office premises in the Create building. Before morning into our premises, I worked from home and since making the jump to having our own office it’s allowed us to grow and provide a space for our employees too! It’s a bonus that the parking is free and there’s plenty of it!”