All small business owners know the importance of an online presence, and most will have a functioning website to promote or sell their services or products. But increasingly, people are becoming aware of the need to make their websites and digital media accessible to everyone. This is something that a pioneering duo in Edinburgh have tapped into.

Create tenants, Edinburgh Development Group (EDG) works with people with learning disabilities and their families to find the support they need to live a meaningful life. Since 1991, the innovative and creative organisation has offered a variety of services, always focusing on person-centred planning, group work, community building and training to achieve its aims. 

So when Chris and Tommy approached EDG for more purpose in their week and to put their skills to use, the team was there to support them and their families. They had both looked for work and gained work experience but encountered numerous employment barriers. Their hidden disabilities proved to be a barrier to finding work. It’s thought that, in Scotland, only 7% of people with learning disabilities may be in employment. The EDG team is determined to address this issue as part of their mission for community inclusion.

Having learned that both Chris and Tommy had recently completed a film and audio course, EDG talked with both of the young men and their families to establish ways this experience and interest could be put to good use.  From these discussions, the idea of doing audio recordings came up, and Forest and Main Recordings was established! 

Forest and Main Recordings create audio recordings of company website pages, giving businesses the option of making their website accessible to those who are partially sighted as well as those who struggle with literacy. This means that the information reaches a much larger audience. 

All websites should be accessible so that everyone, regardless of ability or disability, can navigate and interact with online content. Accessibility is not only a legal and ethical requirement but also a fundamental aspect of inclusivity in the digital age. 

By tapping into this need for accessibility and pooling their talents, Chris and Tommy have the makings of a successful business venture, and the team at EDG couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Lindsay Graham, the Support Coordinator at EDG, said, “Forrest and Main Recordings has not only enabled these two young men to overcome the barriers to using their skills and being paid and create their own business, but, importantly, it also supports organisations to make their websites available to new and diverse audiences.”

If you would like to find out more about Forrest & Main Recordings and learn how they can help you make your website or digital media accessible through audio recording, contact Lindsay Graham on or 0131 476 0522.