How Create began: our background and key milestones

The origins of Create lie in the Craigmillar Opportunities Trust, which was set up almost 30 years ago in 1990.  Back then, Craigmillar was a deeply deprived area (albeit one with a traditionally strong sense of community) requiring major investment and a radical regeneration programme.

The principal aim of the Trust was to stimulate economic growth through the provision of affordable property and workspace and training local people in the skills needed for employment. Neighbourhood trades and businesses were encouraged to establish themselves in the area, boosting the local economy and sowing the seeds of the thriving commercial hub we see today.

There was another driving force within the organisation, which has strengthened over the decades – the strong support network that forms the backbone of our activity, enabling people to set up and develop their own businesses.

In 2000, the Craigmillar Opportunities Trust changed its name to Create and three years later achieved Local Enterprise status.

By 2009 Create’s remit had expanded to deliver services across Edinburgh and further afield, diversifying its range of services to include the introduction of a variety of business consultancy and project management services, as well as economic, social inclusion and environmental projects.