Create Business Properties is more than just a collection of commercial spaces for businesses, we’re an exciting hub for a range of organisations, large and small. We like to think of our buildings as a home for our tenants and we love the diverse spectrum of talent and experience that form part of our community.

In order to showcase some of this talent, we’re producing a series of blogs that focus on some of the businesses we’re home to. In this piece, we meet one of our newer tenants, The Little Dressing Co., an exciting business that helps people bring their event styling ideas to life while reducing unnecessary waste. We chatted to Alice, Co-founder (she runs the business along with her partner, Ramsay) to learn a bit more about what they offer and their passion for styling.

Alice tells us that the idea for The Little Dressing Co. originally came from the couple helping friends and family with styling and stationery for weddings. There was a lightbulb moment when they realised that they loved doing it so much that they wanted to create a local business offering this. The opportunity presented itself when they were furloughed from their previous jobs during the pandemic and they had the time to plan and launch their own business!

Of course, as Covid provided the initial opportunity for the business to come about, it also restricted the core business offering – events, and in particular, weddings. So the organisation had its first full wedding season last year and has just started the second full season in 2023. So what exactly do they offer?

The Little Dressing Co. is a Prop Hire & Styling company that helps people create their dream styles for upcoming weddings (or any events), offering the hire of items that will help to enhance a wedding day or other event (birthdays, garden parties etc.) Sustainably-minded, they hate to see so many people buying items they want for an event to then have to try to flog them online after their event is over. So they offer the hire of a whole range of gorgeous items for events around Scotland. This pioneering idea helps keep costs down for clients while reducing the number of items going to landfill too. 

The creative couple also offers a full event styling service where they work with the event planners to come up with a concept, colour palette and mood board and get to work securing local suppliers that fit the brief to create beautiful events. Alice and Ramsay love hearing styling ideas from couples and helping shape them into the most incredible events that deliver the wow factor. 

And finally, they also have a stationery side of the business, so any stationery that is needed for the event like invitations, menus, place names, welcome signs etc. can be produced in-house, so clients can get an all-round service that reflects their chosen style.

The driving vision behind the business is reducing consumption and creating sustainable events by providing a rental alternative to couples and others looking to throw a celebration with minimal waste. The couple are committed to growing their wide, eclectic range of props that will enable them to design and produce even bigger, better and more beautiful celebrations!

Alice says: “We love seeing the excitement on our client’s faces when they see what we’ve set up for them, so more of that would make us extremely happy!” 

You can take a look at some of the amazing work they have already created on the gallery on the business’ website. Alice says that they particularly love working with full-styling clients as this allows them full creative control and lets their imaginations run wild!

In their line of work, Alice and Ramsay complete a number of different roles in the business – they are constantly completing different tasks that range from organising clients’ events from the outset, photographing new collections and posting to social media, creating moodboards for prospective clients and finding time to be inspired while promoting their business to new clients! Not to mention taking care of the vast array of props. When they’re not busy with all of this, they love getting out to quirky marketplaces and vintage shops to scour for more props to add to their collection.

We asked Alice what’s great about having their premises here and being a tenant at Create Business Properties, and she responded:

“Having our space at Create Business Properties is fantastic as we have our props and workspace all in one place in a beautiful building with loads of natural light! Being here allows us to get creative, being amongst our props on a daily basis as we can come up with new ideas. In time we will have clients down to our space to showcase our props and hold our moodboard sessions here which will be brilliant for our clients as they will have a clearer vision of what everything will look like.”

We’re delighted that the business is a part of the Create Business community, especially as we have a great synergy with a lot of tenants who offer services for weddings! We hope to see them grow and prosper, so if you or anyone you know is planning an event or wedding, do keep this creative couple in mind to help you create a look that will get your guests talking!