On Tuesday 14th March, a group of tenants at Create Business Properties gathered together for one of our regular tenant networking breakfast events.

As always, it was fantastic to see so many of our brilliant tenants get together to get to know each other, discuss ideas and form collaborations. It was great to welcome some of our newer tenants to the event and give them a chance to introduce themselves to the community here.

This time, we heard a really insightful and thought-provoking presentation from StorTera who showcased their amazing work in the development of a groundbreaking energy storage system to store renewable energy and what this can mean in terms of carbon emissions and energy savings.

For many of the people present, this was a first glimpse into what StorTera does and the presentation prompted a discussion among tenants about the possibility of Create Business Properties generating and storing energy, resulting in a reduction for businesses’ soaring energy bills and a lower carbon footprint. This is something we’re looking into and it was fantastic to hear our tenants’ wholehearted support for it.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast spread, including fresh bacon rolls, fruit and pastries and unbelievably tasty tea and coffee brought along by Chris from Red Box Coffee – a perfect way for us to start our day on the right foot!

These get-togethers at Create really help to bring home the collaborative potential within our business community. We find that many of our tenant’s businesses have synergies and when they get together over a coffee, we see new ideas forming, friendships developing and future business partnerships in the making! For us, it is a good way to hear what our tenants have to say and get into discussions about the issues that we’re all thinking about.

We’re going to be featuring more amazing stories from our business community over the coming months and we’re already planning our summer networking event, where we’re looking forward to welcoming all our tenants for more fun and business opportunities.