In its latest report to Parliament, the Climate Change Committee was openly critical of Government’s strategy to enable the UK to reach our net-zero targets. Amid the pages of recommendations for action, the message was clear – the Government simply isn’t doing enough.

And while we wait to see how the people in power react to the criticism, everyday people are taking individual action on climate change, making lifestyle choices that help to cut carbon emissions. And somewhere between government policies and individual action, business and industry have a vital role to play in the fight against climate change.

This month, we’re highlighting the work of three very different businesses that form part of the Create Business Properties community that are playing their part in the race to net zero.

Creating energy storage solutions
Energy supply is a very hot topic at the moment, with price hikes and energy security issues reaching crisis point. But StorTera is a pioneering and innovative business that’s making global waves in the energy storage industry.

StorTera’s award-winning energy storage solutions are essentially like large batteries, where excess energy (for example from solar panels or wind turbines) that would otherwise be wasted can be stored and used at a later time. The advantages of this technology are clear. The more clean energy we can store, the less reliant we will be on the grid supply and fossil fuels. Of course, StorTera’s products are much more complex than simple batteries, but their cutting-edge products are fundamental to the transition to a zero-carbon energy system.

In their company video, Gavin Park, CEO of StorTera says “Everything that we do has a focus on sustainability, whether that is the technology being able to utilise renewable energy, the choice of materials in developing a new battery technology, our supply chain, that’s all very much focused on sustainability and ultimately we want to produce the most sustainable battery that we can.”

Promoting low-carbon transport options
Alongside energy generation, transport is another key contributor to harmful greenhouse gases and many people are already thinking about making the switch to electric vehicles. Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, electric vehicles offer an alternative to escalating fuel prices.

One of the most sustainable forms of transport is of course cycling and electric bike sales are on the rise with evidence pointing towards serious growth over the next 30 years. Here at Create Business Properties, our tenants at is a family-run business that produces and sells top-quality electric bikes.

Browse their website and you’ll see a range of battery-powered bikes that meet the needs of commuters to mountain bike enthusiasts. They also offer interest-free credit to help customers spread the cost.

They say: “Electric bikes are one of the most environmental modes of transport available these days. Costing on average between 8-14 pence per charge which will, in turn, give you anything up to 50 miles in range. This is good for your wallet, good for your health and even better for the health of the planet.”

The driving tech behind the wheels
And supporting the growing e-bike industry, our tenants at intradrive develop high-performance e-mobility powertrain technology, using a sustainable circular economy model that involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.

Sustainability is the driving ethos of this successful tech business, and they supply innovative gearboxes, motors and batteries to e-bike manufacturers that are designed to outlast and outperform.

Of their company values, intradrive says: “The future is electric. The future is fossil fuel free. We can develop game-changing products with respect for our planet, which stay in service for decades, not years. Another world is possible.”

Building a sustainable business community
Throughout the diverse collection of businesses that call Create Business Properties home, there is a dedication to sustainability. For example, the team at Quirky Chocolate use only sustainable and Fairtrade chocolate and their wrappers are completely plastic-free. And at Henderson Upholstery, they’re reducing waste by giving items of furniture a stylish new lease of life!

These are just a few examples of the commitment to sustainability at Create Business Properties. We’re proud to support all of these excellent businesses that are not only providing quality products but helping create a brighter future for us all.